Simple Settings:


This amount of space for hosting scripts and files your hosting account will be considered. It should be noted that versions support provided by the company are not covered in this space, except in cases where the backup is provided by the user.

Bandwidth Consumption:

This amount includes the total volume of uploaded traffic and total traffic on the service that is downloaded from the account during the month of construction time is calculated. With the start of the new moon in the month of consumption is no longer considered before.

Advanced Settings:


With this tool, you can use the hardware more powerful for your web site or by adjusting it to reduce your costs.

Ram: 256MG


With this tool you can change the amount of ram that is used to display your website to be set.


minutes from the websites you visit will not have this issue. To have a better image is sufficient for the number of site visits in one day, to estimate the number of visitors at the moment. Note that it is possible to improve the facilities automatically embedded in the system.

MySql Use At Cpu:

Text Test For Mysql Use at Cpu

Host Period:
Operating System:
Registration Domain:
Host Price:
33,000 USD
Domain Price:
Discount Coupon:

Cloud Hosting

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references to the difficulty of managing a server, cloud hosting Pars Pack will be with you and also reducing the cost of hosting the site, with powerful new possibilities and the security and peace of mind to you a gift.

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Install Automatic Script

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Host Management

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Reduction in costs

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Fast hardware upgrades

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Google Drive

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